The A’s to your Q’s

When you’re looking to hire a copywriter, it’s super important
to ask questions…

How will copywriting help me achieve my goals?
What sets you apart from other copywriters?
Do you have a portfolio of your work?

Had a question like this yourself?

We thought you might.

So, we wanted to jump in and answer some of the most common questions we get asked, just in case one of them was on your mind too.

If you can’t find your question here or you want more info, just reach out to our team at [email protected] and we’d be happy to answer your specific question directly!

(We also wrote a blog article on how to hire the best copywriter to save you time and make sure you don’t hire a dud, so head over there for even more tips.)


The answer to this question is so important for you to understand that we wrote an entire article on it over on our blog. You can take a look at that right here… What is Website Copywriting?

For a quick overview… Website copywriting is anything written on a website that helps achieve your goals or hit your KPIs. This could be to educate, advertise, or inform a reader. To schedule a booking. To land a sale. You get the idea.

Whatever your goal, copywriting is the process you use to take people there. Simply, website copywriting is MORE than the words you use – it’s also the effect those words have on your site visitors. It’s the vehicle you use to convince people to take action. Like a salesperson in print, great website copy engages with and inspires your audience. And this requires more than a grasp of the English language – it combines deep research, an understanding of psychology, and high – level sales skills. Get that combo right, and you’ll be able to hook people, guide them down your page, and convert a helluva lot more visitors into leads and clients.

You know (and I know) that you are amazing at what you do.
But unless your website, sales page, or marketing is communicating that and doing it justice… how will the world know just how much you have to offer!?

After 12 years in the digital marketing space, we have come to realise without a shadow of a doubt: nothing works without copy.

You can have the most intricately designed funnel…
Spend thousands on a website with all the bells and whistles…
And agonise for months coming up with beautiful branding, graphics and logo…
But all this will amount to a helluva lot of wasted time and money without copy that drives traffic and turns eyeballs into sales.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying you can ignore all these other parts of marketing.
They can definitely help.But, what we’re saying is, nothing matters to the success of your marketing and business more than sales-focused copywriting.

Your words matter. In fact, they’re over 2x more important for conversions than design. Studies have been done and have proved this to be true. No matter what industry you’re in. You can read all about it here.

Copywriting is the single most effective way to generate leads, position yourself as an authority and grow your business.

Once you get your copy right, you dramatically increase your ability to find clients and generate sales f or your business.

Well-crafted copy literally sells for you 24/7!

And luckily for you… that’s our genius zone! So when we combine our superpowers with yours, that’s when the real magic happens.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions: As a business owner, you can write good copy yourself with little experience.

Many people convince themselves they can craft their own copy because “it’s just writing”. You do that all day in emails and other documents, right?

Sure… but copywriting is SO much more than this.

Copywriting is selling in written form.
It requires an intricate balance of sales, psychology, research and artful communication… Truthfully, the words you see in the end result are only a fraction of the work that goes into it!

And as the study above highlights, if copy is over 2x more important to conversions than design… why would you hire an expert web designer and not an expert copywriter?

When incredible entrepreneurs with amazing products and services come to us, asking why they can’t make their own copy convert – we always point them to a specific case study.

Gary Goldstein (one of our clients #humblebrag) – Hollywood filmmaker, screenwriter, the producer of box office hit ‘Pretty Woman’ and responsible for over $1billion in box office revenue.

If anyone could write their own copy, you think it’d be an award-nominated Hollywood writer, wouldn’t you?
But in Gary’s own words (from the testimonial he provided us): “I’m a writer. NOT a copywriter.”

Gary had just created a new workshop for aspiring writers and creatives wanting to pursue their dreams in Hollywood. First, he attempted to write his own copy.

Then, when that wasn’t working, he enlisted the help of a copywriter – but neither option was smooth sailing 🙁 Here’s what he said… “Past searches for my ideal copywriter have not ended well. Somewhere north of a blood nose, just shy of mayhem…” he wrote.

“Finding a copywriter who could deliver the right message, voice, and tone was an exercise in extreme frustration. I kept hitting brick walls. And then I found Jaimee Maree and her team at Savvy Copy.”

We hear stories like Gary’s every single day.

A. We get a real kick out of helping the game-changers, industry experts, thought-leaders and passionate entrepreneurs who challenge the status quo, impact the lives of others, and do good in this world.

We’re a good fit for you If…

  • You’re a coach, consultant or service professional who wants to help more people, impact more
    lives, and get paid what you deserve.
  • You’re a speaker, expert or author who wants to grow your audience, elevate your influence, and sell more books, tickets or products.
  • You’re a digital course or membership site creator who wants to reach a bigger audience, build your community, and consistently generate more sales.
  • You’re an ecommerce entrepreneur who wants to boost your conversion rate, sell more products
    and skyrocket your ROAS.
  • You KNOW the value in high-quality copy and you’re willing to invest in experts to help
    write it for you.
  • You’re a good human and care about your clients.
  • You love red wine* (*Optional but advantageous)

We’re not your “take-whatever-work-we-can-get” kind of copywriters. Our thing is copy that drives conversions, leads and sales – and we stay in our lane.

We’re perfect if you need website copy, sales page copy or landing page/funnel copy. We can also help with email, facebook ads and video scripts too, but we always start with the other copy first. If you’re looking for print material like brochures, flyers, anything that goes in a letterbox, we won’t be the right fit for you. Our prime focus is digital marketing.

Rest assured… your budget won’t burst into flames and leave no money to keep the lights on.
Don’t get us wrong, we’re not your dime story variety copywriters you’ll find on freelance marketplaces.
We’re more experienced (and classy) than that.

But Savvy Copy is a high-ROI business investment.
Great copy pays for itself and we swear by a ‘no billing surprises’ flat fee approach.
What we quote is what you pay.

We tailor our packages depending on your needs rather than trying to provide you with a cookie-cutter approach. We strategically map out your website with you so we know exactly what pages you need in order to get the best result.

With that in mind, whether it’s website copy, landing pages, or sales pages, writing copy will cost thousands of dollars.
We’ll be upfront about that.

So if you’re still in the early stages of business, don’t have a proven offer, or don’t know who your market even is, we might not be for you.

We’re not here to waste your time, so if you fit in any of those boxes, or you just know you don’t have the time or financial resources to invest in overhauling your copy, just let us know and we can cancel our session together.

Over the past 12 years we’ve helped over one thousand clients generate tens of millions in sales and hundreds of thousands of leads.

Actually, if you spend any time online, there’s a good chance you’ve read some of our copy…

We work with some of the biggest names in business, authors, speakers, coaches…

8-figure entrepreneurs like Grace Lever and James Schramko.

Companies backed by Tony Robbins and Pitbull.

Hollywood royalty like Sylvester Stallone and Gary Goldstein, the director of Pretty Woman.

Plus, the likes of Roger Love, singing coach to multiple Grammy and Academy Award winners.

Australia’s leading online swimming authority and coach, Brenton Ford.

One of America’s best law firms, Yosha Law.

World-class design agency, Studio1 Design.

Software used by 10,000s of users like Spark Membership and Kliq.

Even a US President. But that’s a story for another day…
Plus, hundreds of other entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, speakers and coaches in every niche imaginable —
from A-list celebrities to local dentists.

And they all had one thing in common: they are in the same place as you are today.
They are amazing at what they do, had an incredible gift for the world but they weren’t getting rewarded for their expertise on the level they deserved.

They were stuck in referral mode or doing high effort, low ROI marketing that took them out of their Genius Zone. What they really needed was marketing that works for them 24/7 and did the selling for them without all the heavy lifting on their behalf, so they could stay in their Genius Zone doing what they are most passionate about.

To help them achieve this, they needed a copywriting team that weren’t only expert writers, but expert marketers.
A team that could see things from a higher level…..

Now, you might be thinking… aren’t all copywriters marketers? (They should be, but they’re not).

The truth is, very few copywriters have the combination of copywriting expertise and deep marketing knowledge that our team does.

And, if I’m honest, this is our secret sauce — and the reason why our clients see results they’ve never experienced with other more traditional copywriters!

Words are words, right?
Actually, no.

There are many different types of copywriting:
There’s pure content, things like articles and blog posts that take on an editorial style of writing…
Then there’s SEO copy (which, as the name suggests, is written for the primary goal of ranking higher on Google)…

Next, we have branded copy, which is the catchy, usually short copy like company taglines, or on billboards or in car commercials. Nike’s “Just do it” is a classic example of branded copy.

And finally, we come to direct response or conversion-focused copy (aka. What we write).

This is copywriting designed to get the reader to take immediate action. And without a doubt, the most powerful type of copywriting.

Direct-response copy immediately compels the reader to take the action that the copywriter (and you) want. Conversion focused copy is the most important and effective type of copy for any business that wants to make sales, generate leads, get people to click on an ad, button or link or whatever goal you have in your online marketing.
So, we hope this helped answer your burning questions.

Remember, if there’s any more Q’s standing in your path, just reach out to our team or book a strategy session with one of our team and let us know.

We’re here to help.