Discover how to make small copywriting changes that can alter the course of your marketing and avoid common copywriting mistakes that are holding back the growth of your business.

Copywriting vs. Content Writing: Which One Will Give You More Leads, Conversions & Sales?

Before we break down the all-important differences between copywriting and content writing, here’s a quick mental exercise.

Think about the last time you went grocery shopping…

(This is going somewhere, we promise).

When you walk down the cereal aisle, you have your choice of products.

Weet-Bix. Corn Flakes. Sultana Bran. Rice Bubbles. Coco Pops. Fruit loops.

Then there are chocolate options. Cinnamon options. Chocolate-covered cinnamon options. The list of options goes on.

If you didn’t know better, you’d think they all do the same thing since they’re all “breakfast” foods, right?

That’s the same question many business owners are asking when they’ve decided it’s time to create content on their website. The problem is, you end up running into two similar-sounding services that *look* like they probably do the same thing.

Copywriting and Content Writing.

Like cereal, these services can look the same but have very different effects on your business.

You wouldn’t eat chocolate-covered cereal every day if you wanted to focus on your health, and there are key distinctions between each digital marketing strategy you need to know if you want to focus on growing your leads, conversions and sales.

Read on for a breakdown of copywriting vs content writing, examples of each approach, and a definitive answer to the question, “Do I need a copywriter or a content writer to grow my business?”.

What is copywriting?

Your audience is hesitant about working with you

Let’s start with a simple definition.

Copywriting is anything written on your website or marketing materials (think sales pages, landing pages, emails and ads) that helps achieve your sales goals or hit your KPIs.
It doesn’t matter what you sell or how you sell it, you want to educate, advertise, or inform a reader so they feel confident taking action.
To schedule a booking. To download a guide. To land a sale. You get the idea.
Whatever your desired outcome, copywriting is the process you use to take people there. It’s the sales copy that turns interest into action so you can achieve the goals you set out when you started your business – to make money and have an impact on those around you.

What is content writing?

Let’s wipe the slate clean and start over.

Content writing is used to educate or entertain readers. It may result in sales but that’s not the primary goal.

Businesses use content writing to create high-quality and valuable content that positions them as experts, helps build relationships with their target audience, and keeps their business top of mind – even if people aren’t ready to become customers just yet.
You might see a content writer writing social media captions, blog writing, or producing copy for websites.

If the primary job of copywriting is about the NOW and making a sale instantly, content writing focuses on longer-term strategies whether that’s driving traffic through Google or building a reputation.

Both copywriters and content writers have a goal. Copywriting is about persuading someone to take a particular action. Content writing is about informing someone. Both can be used to help achieve your business goals, but one is primarily about driving leads and sales (copywriting) and one is primarily about delivering value (content writing).

Examples of copywriting vs content writing

You can help increase your leads, conversion and sales by studying copywriting and content online – so we’ll show you a few examples.

Click the link below for a full breakdown (line by line) of 13 world-class website copywriting examples. You’ll learn exactly how the best sites in the world use copywriting to sell their products and services, plus walk away with actionable tips you can use on your own website.


“13 World-Class Website Copywriting Examples (And Why They Convert Like Crazy)”

For a shorter and sharper example, check out another example below.

We’ve picked a random topic from the random topic generator (a.k.a our brain) and covered it from both writing styles. This hypothetical business offers weight loss programs.

In one corner we have copywriting. And in the other, we have content writing. Here’s how each approach might write content.

Copywriting Content Writing
If you’ve been struggling to manage your weight, you already know the effect it has on your life.

Perhaps you’re phasing out your favourite outfits that no longer fit. Maybe you can’t keep up with the grandkids like you used to. Or, the reflection in the mirror too often leaves you wondering where the “real” you went.

When you’re looking to make a positive and sustainable change, the last thing you need is empty advice like “savour each bite” or “reduce your portion sizes”.

At the same time, chances are you’ve been burned by fad diets and weight loss “secrets” that did nothing but leave a sour taste in your mouth.

You can’t put a price on your health, so neither will we.

Sign up today for our weight loss webinar and start your journey to a happier, healthier you – at zero cost.

Did you know 52% of the world’s adults are trying to lose weight?

If you’re frustrated by your weight gain, you’re not alone. Although losing weight is a challenge, there are many ways to drop the kilos (and keep them off).

From over-indulging to a sedentary lifestyle, as well as stress, lifestyle and even gender, there are many variables to be aware of.

As everyone has unique needs, one size doesn’t fit all, but there are steps you can take today that may work for you.

From savouring your meal to eating more protein and implementing portion control, we’ll outline 10 ways for you to lose weight that DON’T involve endless dieting.

Read on for the top 10 strategies to support your weight loss goals.

Copywriting sells the webinar. Content writing informs the reader on the subject.

Now, imagine you’re a business owner offering your own weight loss program and you want people to sign up for your free introductory webinar, or to download your weight loss lead magnet, or even sign up for a paid course.

Which approach do you think would be more effective to drive sales?

Copywriting vs Content Writing: How to tell which service you need

Running a business is a constant challenge (we probably don’t need to tell you!).

Thankfully, figuring out whether you need copywriting or content writing is as simple as answering ONE question…

“Do you want more leads, conversions and sales?”

If the answer is a booming YES, then you need copywriting to help your audience see that you understand their biggest problems and can offer a soothing solution that makes life easier or better.

If the answer is “Nah” then, first of all, congrats. Any business owner 100% happy with their leads, conversions and sales is someone who has cracked the code for success and we wish you nothing but the best.

But if you’re looking to establish trust, work with more awesome clients, and fill bags and bags with cash, copywriting is the most effective strategy you can use.

If you’re using weak language like “Click Here”, you’re not going to whip people into an excited frenzy. Instead, try playing around with verbs that encourage people to do something by including the benefits of taking action.

Tips for business owners looking to invest in professional copywriting

Your marketing copy has the potential to drive future sales and be the needle-mover for your business.

The words on your website or other marketing materials can help you connect with your audience and have more of an impact, boost your authority, and attract your dream clients.

And if you’re looking for more ways to leverage the potential of that written content, we wrote the guide on it.

Actually, we wrote several 😉

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