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Supercharge Your Conversions Through the Power of Empathetic and Authentic Copywriting

I was invited to sit down with OG Digital Marketing expert James Schramko on the latest episode of his podcast.

James Schramko is the pioneer of digital marketing coaching in Australia, and has been the go-to voice in this space for decades. He’s personally built multiple 8-figure businesses, coached some of the biggest and best entrepreneurs globally and locally, and was my first EVER business mentor back in the day.

So let’s just say, a bucket-list item was checked off when I was ASKED to join him on his latest podcast episode to share the Savvy Copy story, and pull back the curtain on the power of high-converting copy!

James said it himself: copywriting is one of the best-return investments he’s ever made for his businesses…

However as we discussed – not all marketing copy is built equally.

(ESPECIALLY when it’s generated by an AI robot who lacks empathy, experience, and the human ability to connect!)

If you’re looking to better understand how high-converting copy works, and how to make yours start doing a helluva lot more heavy lifting for your business’ success, I HIGHLY recommend tuning in for listen!

In this post, I’ll be wrapping up all the topics we covered (warning: there’s a lot), and giving you a sneak peak at everything we discussed.

So buckle up, keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times, and let’s dive in:

Here’s just SOME of the ground James Schramko and I covered in this episode of his podcast:

The Untapped Potential of Copywriting

When it comes to your business’ marketing success, there are a LOT of levers you can pull that can make an impact on your ROI.

In fact, James has built his entire podcast around speaking to experts of each of these levers – from web designers, to ad specialists, to SEO gurus, to marketing geniuses and more.

But the one topic that keeps coming up time and time again is: copy. From his first ever episode, all the way to his 1008th featuring me! So, James kicked off the episode with a great question:

Why is copy such an important topic for us to KEEP talking about when it comes to business and marketing?

Copywriting has always played a pivotal role in effective marketing, but it’s true value can be overlooked. With my own experience (12 years, to be exact) as a direct response copywriter and digital marketer, I shared with James how the art of persuasive copywriting has shaped my success…

And dramatically impacted my client’s conversions too.

Because, with some clients we’ve worked with experiencing a 10x, 20x, and even 50x return on their investment through the power of high-converting copy…

It’s definitely a topic that is worth talking about over and over again!

Embracing the Salesmanship in Print

Copywriting isn’t simply the act of putting words on a page.

With the amount of psychology and sales drivers involved, copywriting really is like salesmanship in print – especially in terms of the impact it can have on your business’ success.

James and I talked about my own journey transitioning from a 6-figure full-service digital marketing agency… to putting all my eggs in the basket of copywriting.

When I recognised the critical role well-crafted copy plays in achieving results, it was a no-brainer to create Savvy Copy and help businesses unlock their full potential.

But there was a LOT that came between. It was a privilege to be able to share my own story of challenges and opportunities with James’ community….

Especially since that same community was so pivotal for me during the time of that transition, offering me invaluable support and guidance as I reshaped my business into what it is today!

The Power of Authenticity and Connection

Of course, we can’t talk about the ways you can use copy for GOOD without touching on the ways it’s used for EVIL everyday in our industry.

There’s no shortage of salesy, sleazy, and manipulative tactics out there. And I’m well aware that not only does that kind of copy put off your customers from buying… but can also put off business owners like yourself from investing in copywriters with the fear that your message won’t be represented well.

James shared his own history with this kind of dodgy marketing – from his first ever car sales job in a BMW showroom, to a fitness advertisement he saw just the other day, there’s no shortage of these shocking examples!

With so much hyper-salesy, sleazy and ‘icky’ marketing around, finding a way to capture your business’ voice in an authentic, ethical, and personal way is pivotal to your marketing success.

And that’s why we do what we do!

Together, James and I hit up the first step in the equation of how we do that: actually taking the time to KNOW your audience, and giving a damn about their situation, problems, and goals.

In this episode, you’ll discover how these principles have gained momentum – particularly in the post-pandemic era, where consumers prioritise value and relatability in a whole new way.

Insights From my TOP Most Influential Books

James asked the burning question he gets all the time from his community: what books are a good place to start to learn the art and science of copywriting.

And, because I’m not in the business of gatekeeping valuable insights, I gave all my secrets away and shared my TOP 3:

  • Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller
  • SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham
  • And, Influence by Robert Cialdini

We spoke about the fundamental principles and frameworks these books provide, and how I incorporate them into the high-converting copy we create every single day.

The Role of AI in Copywriting

Of course, we had to discuss the hottest topic since sliced bread in supermarkets:

AI Copywriting.

What’s the deal? Is it good enough? Are copywriters being left out to dry?

Together, we chatted through the debate surrounding the impact of AI – not only on copywriting, but on the entire marketing industry. Heck, even business coaches like James who offer personal, human, one-on-one support have been threatened by a robot takeover!

But as you’ll hear, we’re less worried about the risks to OUR businesses, and more concerned about the risks to small businesses like yours if the wrong tasks are entrusted to AI.

While it’s pretty clear that these tools offer a helluva lot of convenience and efficiency in a lot of day-to-day tasks, James and I highlighted the irreplaceable value of creativity, empathy and the human ability to connect that we all crave.

The bottom line is: AI copywriting isn’t where it needs to be to help you grow.

Just like serving chemical-packed store-bought spaghetti sauce to your Italian dinner guests…

AI copy is packed with all the wrong ingredients to actually impress your ideal clients. It can’t meet them where they’re at. It can’t ask them what their pain points are, what goals they have, and what they’re really looking for out of life. And, it can’t capture the true human value of your business, and showcase it in an authentic way.

Who can do all that are experienced, skilled, and highly-passionate direct response copywriters!

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